That girl


There she is again, that girl that loves everything, the one that everyone loves.

She’s so captivated by life, so enthralled with every small color that crosses her field of vision.

You can glimpse her, sometimes, she’s wearing a long white skirt or a pair of shorts and sunflower-covered sandals.

She’s the one that puts flowers all over her bedroom because she likes to be surrounded by life.

She’s dancing again, this time, and she’s blissful. It’s not that she’s devoid of stresses, in fact, far from.

Instead, she’s chosen to let go for a few minutes, let the sun soak her skin and saturate her mind.

When that happens, it’s completely inevitable that you see a wide grin cross her face.


She’s in love.


Not with a person, necessarily, though she loves those too.

But this love is one that’s spanned centuries, millennia, and no generation escapes.

It’s the love of being exactly who you are, in full abandon of all the masks that coat every human being in existence to some extent.

This girl, though, she’s lost touch of the mask.

She can’t find it and she doesn’t want to try, because the freedom in this reckless abandon is one that we all need to taste.


She’s crying, now, because she’s found a bird that can’t be all it’s meant to be.

Maybe it’s got a broken wing, or been attacked by a stronger or bigger creature.

Maybe the bird’s just met its time to go, and she accepts that art of nature head-on.

She’d never say that the problems in the world aren’t important, merely that they should be forgotten for a brief time and life lived to its fullest.


She blows a kiss to every stranger she sees, just in case one of them needs it today.

She picks a flower and gives it to the manager of the local pizza joint.

He works alone every day and he needs a little warmth.

She gives every minute of her waking hours to bettering the people and the world around her.

She learns in school so that one day she can give back.

She reads because she knows her mind craves wandering.


She writes, but only when she wants.

No schedule can control her, but she follows the laws of the world because she respects everything and everyone.

She’s what everyone thinks of sometime in their life but often doesn’t get in touch with.

But I believe she’s not lost, and I believe she lets herself be seen more than we know.


Her name isn’t known but part of it is Hope, part is Love, part is Light.


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